Exfoliating socks

Silcatil Exfoliating socks

  • Effectively remove dead skin from your feet
  • Reduce calluses and hard skin
  • Soften and moisturize skin on your feet

Silcatil active liquid-filled socks are a safe and incredibly easy pedicure treatment for home application.

Effects are visible after just one application!

Intensive exfoliating effect

Exfoliating process is the skin’s natural process to rid your feet from dead and horny skin. Plant acids – glycolic, salicylic, lactic, have keratolytic properties, intensively soften feet and remove dead skin. Dissolving intercellular junctions, they guarantee intensive exfoliating effect. One of the hydroxy acids used in the treatment – glycolic acid has the smallest molecule, which makes it easily penetrate into the deep skin layers.

Combined with the length of the treatment (approx. 2h), it helps active substances penetrate into the deep layers of skin, loosening intercellular junctions. Skin might shed flaky layers of dead skin, as the horny layer simultaneously discards several layers of cells that form flakes. Thanks to that, any corns and hard skin are removed unveiling new silky smooth skin.

Deep moisture

Urea binds water in the deeper layers of skin providing extreme moisture. Additionally, it naturally stimulates restoration of epidermis and boosts removal of dead skin cells. As a result, skin becomes soft and smooth.


The effects may depend on condition of feet skin.
Exfoliating process begins after 5-6 days from application and may last for the period of around 2 weeks. Its intensity is individual and depends on the initial condition of your skin. It might take on various forms – from a gentle peel to an intensive exfoliation of large skin flakes. It is a natural process, safe for health and it should not raise any concerns. Peeling skin gradually unveils new and silky smooth epidermis.

In case a more powerful exfoliating effect is required, the treatment may be repeated after 2 weeks from first use.

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