Foot care

On the day of birth – skin on feet is incredibly soft and delicate. However, with each step we make – it is subjected to enormous pressure. In order to protect themselves, the areas particularly exposed to this kind of strain, skin cells accumulate in large amount. It forms natural mechanical protection of the deeper skin layers. As a consequence, skin on feet might be up to three times thicker than on other body parts! The higher the pressure on a particular area, the thicker the horny layer of epidermis. It often leads to unsightly and troublesome hardness, blisters and corns.

Wearing shoes may result in continuous pressure and abrasions in some parts of skin on feet.
As a consequence, in order to protect itself from pressure, skin in those areas begins to produce additional cells. Epidermis gradually becomes thicker and loses its softness.

Silcatil products help eliminate the problem of corns, hardness or callosity, guaranteeing your skin stays silky smooth.

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